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Services provided include individual counseling, EAP - employee assistance program sessions, and substance abuse evaluations. I have additional experience in conducting bariatric assessments for weight loss surgery.
If you are a social worker, I am able to provide clinical supervision towards LCSW licensure. 
I have completed basic training in EMDR in May 2024. 

Treatment specialization includes:






Life transitions

Stress Management

Women's Issues

Weight Loss – obesity

Chronic Pain


Marble Surface

What about the cost of services? Your insurance may cover all or most of the cost of your treatment. If you do not want to file with insurance, self pay is always an option. My basic rate is $150 an hour. I accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Venmo as payment for copays.


How often will I need to come to therapy? This is a decision I make with each client based on their needs and goals. As each client progresses throughout the treatment process, the frequency of visits may decrease from weekly to biweekly to monthly. The client may decide to discontinue services when their treatment goals are met.

What kind of clients do you work with? I have extensive experience working with mental health and addiction in inpatient and outpatient hospitals and clinics. I have worked with all age groups from children to adults in hospice care. Additionally, I have worked for the Grief Recovery Center. I have a special interest in trauma.I have completed the basic training required by EMDRIA to conduct EMDR sessions with 2 LCSWs in Louisiana and in New York. I am seeking certification in EMDR through Evidence to Practice. 


What will my first session be like? The initial session is for the therapist to gather an assessment to determine your background. It should be focused on what the presenting problem is and what your treatment goals are.

Is what we discuss confidential? Absolutely. Unless it falls into a few different categories that create an exception to confidentiality. The first is a danger to yourself or another person, or if you become what clinically is referred to as being “gravely disabled” meaning you are unable to make sound decisions. Secondly, I have to break confidentiality if I suspect abuse to a child or elderly person by law. Third, is the commission of a crime. By law, I am mandated to report these issues to law enforcement or the proper authorities.

Are there any clients you do not work with?  Yes. I do not have any experience with couples. I do not have specialized training for developmental disorders such as autism or eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. If I meet with a client and feel like there presenting problem is beyond my scope of practice, I have to locate referrals to providers with the appropriate experience and expertise. 

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